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What happens

  • plan how you'll get to and from the test – do not drive, as your sight may be blurry for a few hours afterwards
  • bring all the glasses and contact lenses you wear, along with contact lens solution
  • bring sunglasses – everything can look very bright for a few hours after the test
  • eat and drink as normal

You might want to bring someone with you, or ask someone to collect you after the test.

What happens during the test

  1. You'll be asked to read some letters on a chart first.
  2. Drops are then put in your eyes. These may sting for a few seconds. The drops make your sight blurry after about 15 minutes.
  3. When the drops start working, you'll be asked to look into a camera. The camera will not touch your eyes.
  4. Pictures are taken of the back of your eyes. There will be a bright flash when a picture is taken.

Your appointment will usually last about 30 minutes.

After the test

You can go home when the test is finished.

For up to 6 hours after the test:

  • your sight may be blurry – do not drive until it goes back to normal
  • everything can look very bright – wearing sunglasses can help

You will not get your test result on the day.

You'll get a letter about your result within 6 weeks.