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You should get a letter or a call with your results 2 to 3 weeks after a colonoscopy.

If a GP sent you for the test, they should also get a copy of your results – call the hospital if you have not heard anything after 3 weeks.

Normal results

This means no growths (polyps) or cancer have been found in your bowel.

You might be asked to have a colonoscopy again in 5 years to check everything is still okay.

Growths (polyps)

Your results may show they found and removed growths (polyps).

Your results will also say if, after testing the growths, they think you need any further treatment.

Or they may just say you need to come back in the future for a check-up colonoscopy.

Bowel cancer

If your results say you have cancer, you'll see a cancer specialist for treatment as soon as possible.

The earlier anything is found, the easier and the quicker it can be treated.

A bowel condition that's not cancer

A colonoscopy can help to confirm if you have a bowel condition that's not bowel cancer.

This could be:

If you have one of these conditions you may need more treatment.

Speak to a GP to find out the next steps.

Most of the time a colonoscopy will not find anything to worry about.

But it might help to speak to someone if you're feeling worried about your results.


You can get in touch with charities such as: