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Children's flu vaccine

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The children's nasal spray flu vaccine is safe and effective. It's offered every year to children to help protect them against flu.

All children can get the nasal spray flu vaccine from 2 years until school year 7. Children with some health conditions can get it until they’re 17.

School children usually get the flu vaccine through their school. If your child is not at school, they can be vaccinated at their GP surgery.

The children’s flu vaccine is usually given as a spray squirted up each nostril. Some children will need an injection in their arm instead.

The children’s nasal spray flu vaccine is very effective. It’s the best way to protect your child from flu and helps stop them spreading it to others.

The children’s nasal spray flu vaccine is very safe. Some children may have mild side effects afterwards, such as a runny nose or headache.

The children’s nasal spray flu vaccine contains some weakened flu viruses, but these do not cause flu. You can talk to a GP or nurse to find out more.

Page last reviewed: 09/08/2023
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