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Fitness Studio exercise videos

Back pain pilates video workout

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A pilates-inspired workout that's suitable for people with chronic back pain.

More research is needed, but there is some evidence to suggest that pilates can be helpful for people who have lower back pain.

This 29-minute class focuses on improving the strength and flexibility of muscles that support the back.

Regular pilates practice can help with posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility. It can also relieve stress and tension.

These fitness videos have been created by InstructorLive and range from 10 to 45 minutes. Please note that these videos are recorded sessions of previously live webcasts.

If you like this class you may want to try pilates for arthritis and pilates for knee problems.

If you have back pain, you're recovering from an injury, or have a health condition, speak to a GP before following these classes.

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