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MenACWY vaccine

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The MenACWY vaccine reduces your chances of getting meningitis, a serious, potentially life-threatening infection that affects the brain.

The MenACWY vaccine is given to teenagers as part of the NHS vaccination schedule, but it can be given up to the age of 25 if needed.

Most people can have the MenACWY vaccine. You only need to avoid it if you’ve had a reaction to an ingredient in it or to another meningitis vaccine.

You can check the ingredients in the MenACWY vaccine by asking to see the patient leaflet or searching for it online.

The MenACWY vaccine is given as an injection, usually in your upper arm. Most people only need 1 dose.

Side effects of the MenACWY vaccine can include pain, swelling or itchiness where the injection was given, a headache and feeling unwell.

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