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End of life care

Coping financially

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Money can be a worry if you or a family member need to take time off work as a result of illness or to care for someone with a terminal illness. But there is support available.

Ask a GP, hospital doctor or nurse to refer you to a hospital social worker or community social worker.

They can assess your financial situation and give you advice on benefits. They can also tell you about any special funds you might qualify for.

Some charities can provide support for free, such as Marie Curie, Sue Ryder, Maggie's Centres, or your local hospice.

They can offer advice, counselling and practical help for people and their families who are living with illness.

You may be able to apply for grants from charities, such as a Macmillan Grant, or through the Turn2us grant search.

Citizens Advice also offers advice about financial help.

You can check whether you're eligible for any of the benefits listed below:

Not everybody will be eligible for these benefits and, if you're eligible, claiming them might affect other benefits you receive. For example, getting a Carer's Allowance can affect the benefits of the person you're caring for.

You can use the Turn2us benefits calculator to see which benefits you might qualify for.

If you or your partner, family or other carers want more information about where to find help and support on financial issues for people who are looking after someone who's ill, see our Social care and support guide.

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Enquiry phone lines

  • Pensions – 0800 731 7898
  • Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit – 0345 300 3900

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