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Your pregnancy and baby guide

You and your baby at 15 weeks pregnant

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Your baby at 15 weeks

Around this time, your baby will start to hear – they may hear muted sounds from the outside world and any noises your digestive system makes, as well as the sound of your voice and heart.

The eyes also start to become sensitive to light. Even though your baby's eyes are closed, they may register a bright light outside your tummy.

You at 15 weeks

It is normal to have more vaginal discharge in pregnancy. It's usually thin, clear or milky white and should not smell unpleasant.

If it's smelly, you feel itchy or sore, or have pain when you pee, contact your midwife as these could be signs of an infection. Vaginal discharge in pregnancy – what's normal and what's not.

You may have backache in pregnancy as your womb gets heavier and pregnancy hormones affect the ligaments in your body, which can put a strain on your lower back.

Things to think about

Pregnancy infections: What are the risks of chicken pox in pregnancy?

What your baby's movements might feel like, and when you can expect to feel them.

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