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Eye injuries

Minor eye injuries, such as shampoo or dust in your eye, often get better on their own within a day. Get medical help if you have a chemical in your eye or something pierces it.


  • wash your eye with clean water if there's something in it

  • follow the advice on the packaging if any cosmetics or household products get in your eyes

  • take painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen to help ease any pain or discomfort


  • do not try to remove any object that's pierced your eye

  • do not touch or rub your eye until it's better

  • do not wear make-up around your eye until it's better

  • do not wear contact lenses until your eye is better

You should:

  • use clean water (not hot) – this can be from a tap, shower or bottled water if you’re not at home
  • hold your eye open
  • run lots of water over your eyeball for at least 20 minutes

Make sure the flow of water is not too strong.

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