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Aspergillosis is usually caused by breathing in tiny bits of mould found in soil, compost, dust, damp buildings and air conditioning.

Symptoms of aspergillosis include shortness of breath, wheezing, a high temperature, weight loss and feeling tired. You may cough up blood or mucus.

It can take time to diagnose aspergillosis. A GP will check your symptoms are not being caused by something else. They may refer you to a specialist.

Treatment for aspergillosis can be lifelong and can include taking steroid tablets and antifungal medicines. Some people may need surgery.

You cannot prevent aspergillosis, but you can lower your chance of getting it by trying to avoid mould and keeping your home damp-free.

Aspergillosis is a group of conditions caused by aspergillus mould. Most affect the lungs and cause breathing difficulties.

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