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Non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU) can cause different symptoms in men and women. In some cases, NGU doesn't cause any symptoms at all.

Symptoms of NGU in men

The symptoms of NGU in men can include:

Depending on the cause of NGU, symptoms may begin a few weeks or several months after an infection.

If NGU has a non-infectious cause, such as irritation to the urethra, symptoms may begin after a couple of days.

Symptoms that start a day or two after sex are not usually caused by an STI, but testing for STIs is still recommended.

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Symptoms of NGU in women

NGU is a condition in men that tends to cause no noticeable symptoms in women.

However, the infections that cause NGU in men can spread to other parts of the female reproductive system – for example, the womb or fallopian tubes, which connect the ovaries to the womb.

If the infection does spread, a woman may develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

PID is a serious health condition that can cause persistent pain. Repeated episodes of PID are associated with an increased risk of infertility.

Some women with PID don't have symptoms. If there are symptoms, they include: 

A few women with PID become very ill with: