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Your pregnancy and baby guide

You and your baby at 29 weeks pregnant

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Your baby at 29 weeks

Your baby continues to be very active at this stage, and you'll probably be aware of lots of movements. There's no set number of baby movements you should feel each day – every pregnancy is different.

You should be aware of your baby's own pattern of movements. If this pattern changes, contact your midwife or hospital to tell them.

You at 29 weeks

As your bump pushes up against your lungs and you have extra weight to carry around, you may feel breathless.

Swollen ankles are common in pregnancy. Find out what you can do to avoid and ease swollen ankles.

Things to think about

What happens during labour and birth.

What happens when you get to the hospital or birth centre.

You can print a to-do list to keep track of all the essentials for your pregnancy.

Make sure you know about the infections to avoid in pregnancy and how to protect against them, including CMV (cytomegalovirus), slapped cheek syndrome and toxoplasmosis.

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