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Oesophageal cancer


Oesophageal cancer is cancer that's found anywhere in the oesophagus, sometimes called the gullet or food pipe.

Symptoms of oesophageal cancer include regular heartburn or indigestion, losing weight, feeling tired, problems swallowing and chest or throat pain.

Anyone can get oesophageal cancer, but it often affects men, people over 75, or those with medical conditions like gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

Oesophageal cancer cannot always be prevented. But healthy lifestyle changes like not smoking and losing weight can lower your chances of getting it.

The main test for oesophageal cancer involves using a long, thin, flexible tube with a camera inside to look inside your oesophagus (gastroscopy).

Oesophageal cancer can often be treated. Your treatment plan will depend on your situation. It may include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

If you have oesophageal cancer, you can get support from your specialist team and charities like the Oesophageal Patients Association.

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