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Changing from child to adult care

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Fake and harmful autism 'treatments'
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What happens when your child turns 18

Where possible, your child will be asked to be more involved in the decisions about their care from the age of 16.

When your child turns 18:


If your child has an education, health and care plan (EHCP), this will usually continue until they're 25, unless they:

What you can do to help your child

It's a good idea to start thinking about your child's future when they're around 14 or 15.

You could:

If you find it hard to get support from your council

If your council decides your child does not need the same support when they turn 18, you can complain if you disagree.

Check your local council's website for information about making a complaint.

The National Autistic Society has a complaint letter template that might help.

You might also want to use an advocate (someone who helps speak up for you).

An advocate can:


Find out more:

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