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Toxocariasis is caused by worms found in dog, cat and fox poo. You can get it if poo, soil or sand containing worm eggs gets in your mouth.

Most people with toxocariasis do not become ill. But rarely it can cause serious problems if it spreads to the liver, lungs or eyes.

If toxocariasis spreads in the body, it can cause symptoms such as a high temperature, cough, stomach ache or problems with vision.

The main treatment for toxocariasis is medicine to kill the worms that cause the infection. Treatment is only needed if you have symptoms.

Things you can do to reduce your risk of getting toxocariasis include washing your hands regularly, binning dog poo quickly and de-worming pets.

Toxocariasis is an infection caused by small worms found in the poo of some dogs, cats and foxes. It's rare, but can sometimes cause serious problems.

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