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Vulvodynia (vulval pain)


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Vulvodynia does not change the look of your vulva, but it may feel uncomfortable or painful. The pain may feel like burning, throbbing or stabbing.

A GP may use a cotton bud to gently touch your vulva to see which areas are painful. They may also take a vaginal swab to check for an infection.

Treatments for vulvodynia include medicines, pelvic floor exercises, psychological therapies and using vaginal trainers to gently widen your vagina.

Things that can help ease vulvodynia include wearing loose, cotton underwear, using pads rather than tampons and using lubricant when having sex.

The cause of vulvodynia is unknown. It may be related to nerve irritation, previous infections, hormonal changes and weak pelvic floor muscles.

Vulvodynia is pain in the vulva (area around the outside of the vagina) that lasts for at least 3 months and does not have a specific cause.

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