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Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms of Munchausen's syndrome may include pretending to be ill or self-harming to aggravate or induce illness.

There are 4 main ways people with Munchausen's syndrome fake or induce illnesses, including:

Clues to Munchausen's syndrome

Some clues that a person may have Munchausen's syndrome include:

Munchausen's by internet

Munchausen's by internet is relatively new. It's where a person joins an internet support group for people with a serious health condition, such as cystic fibrosis or leukaemia, and then claims to have the illness themselves.

While these actions may only be confined to the internet, they can have a significant negative impact on support groups and online communities. For example, people with genuine health conditions have reported feeling angry and betrayed when they discover they've been lied to.

Signs that suggest someone's online posts may not be genuine include: