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Pubic lice


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Pubic lice are very small and hard to see. They can cause symptoms like itching, small red or blue spots on the skin and dark spots in your underwear.

A doctor or nurse can check your hair for pubic lice. They may also recommend getting tested for any sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Treatment for pubic lice involves using cream or shampoo that kills the lice. You usually use it on your whole body and wash it off after a few hours.

During treatment for pubic lice, avoid sexual contact with anyone else and do not share clothes or bedding. Wash clothes and bedding on a hot wash.

The most common way to catch pubic lice is from close body contact with someone who has them, especially sexual contact.

The only way to prevent pubic lice is to avoid sexual contact (or sharing bedding or clothing) with anyone who has them, until they’ve been treated.

Pubic lice are tiny insects that live on body hair, especially the pubic hair around the penis or vagina. They're spread through close body contact.

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