AutismAdvice for parents and carers

Everyday tips to help your child

Advice about what you can do to help your child with things like communication, anxiety, eating and sleeping.

How to help with your child's behaviour

Tips to help with autistic behaviours like stimming and meltdowns.

Help for parents and families

Find out how caring for an autistic child can affect you and your family, and what help is available.

Advice about school

Advice about choosing a school for an autistic child and helping your child cope with school.

How to get the right support at school

Find out about how to get support for your child at school, including advice about education, health and care (EHC) plans.

Changing from child to adult care

Find out about what happens to an autistic child's care when they become an adult.

Fake and harmful autism 'treatments'

Find out about so-called "treatments" or "cures" for autism that do not work and can be harmful.