Type 1 diabetesCheck you're safe to drive

Legally, if you have diabetes and you drive, you need to:

  • check your blood glucose no longer than 2 hours before driving
  • check your blood every 2 hours if you're on a long journey
  • travel with sugary snacks and snacks with long-lasting carbs, like a cereal bar or banana

If you feel your levels are low:

  • stop the car when it's safe
  • remove the keys from the ignition
  • get out of the driver's seat
  • check your blood glucose and treat your hypo
  • don't drive for 45 minutes after you start to feel better


You'll also need to let the DVLA know you have diabetes. This won't stop you driving – they just need to be aware that you're on insulin.

Read more about driving with type 1 diabetes on the JDRF website.

Page last reviewed: 14/05/2018
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